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Mr N has Parkinson’s and takes medication five times a day morning through till evening.

Mr N was forgetting this medication. This would lead to a lapse in health and admission to hospital. His daughter, Mrs J, was struggling to remind him herself as she is also managing a career and family.

The service was recommended and set up by community nurse and now prompts Mr N five times a day with a personalised message recorded by Mrs N. The message prompts medication along with the time of day so he knows which one to take. We send Mrs J a text if Mr N does not respond after two attempts.


  • 99% compliance
  • Managing Parkinson’s well
  • Peace of mind for the family

“CareCalls have made a huge difference to our day to day life, we tried a few things but this worked well as dad is comfortable using his house phone and he likes that it is my voice on the reminders”.